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Share photos better

Share photos better

Let your photos tell your story brilliantly
Send Gifts Across time

Send Gifts Across time

Legacy helps you communicate like never before find out how
Friend Tree/ Family Tree

Friend Tree/ Family Tree

Show how you are connected, Friend Tree and Family Tree.
Record your location

Record your location

Map out where you were when...

... and much more

Grow Your Legacy
Everyday with People

Share the good times. Show the people that matter and connect with others.

Join other's legacies and allow them to join yours, share this journey together.

Day by day, enjoy life, have fun and share as you develop your legacy

Capture The Great Times,
make it more than just a
photo to like

Record the things you want the future generations to know



And Probably The Most Important Network

All you hear about is 'Legacy'.


Leaving the right mark, making life count. Now there is the network where you create the legacy you want. Everyday, make it special and an official part of history.


Develop your legacy every day, Share while you create! Love every day and live it to the fullest with LEGACYI

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Time Capsule

Awesome feature by Legacyi. Recieve messages from the past, send messages to the future!

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Earn 'Legacy' Leaves

Let others add to your legacy by showing the wonderful things you do

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Dream Board

DREAM BIG with the Legacyi Dream board!
Set your goals and make them happen!

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